Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

International Trade, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law.

Black Funeral song- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

All clad in black,

Others in forms of sack.

Tears rolling down the cheeks,

The ceremony then kicks.

A scream is heard,

Soldiers at guard.


Why kill our hero?

With nothing but zero!

You killed our son,

Using all in a gun.

Imprisoned him you did,

It’s all bad a deed.


Making a slave out of him,

And then brain-washing him.

Eroding our culture,

Like a wheel after a puncture.

We cry for dear Africa,

Neo-colonialism is a shocker!


This funeral is real,

No one is eating a meal.

Everyone is crying,

Others just screaming!


Why do this to us?

Who else wants to hurt us?

Our Africa is in a lot wrong,

It is all in the black funeral song.

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