Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

International Trade, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law.

Debts unpaid- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I sit down;

Thoughts rain on me in torrents,

I swim in the river of memories,

Remembering what I was shown.

I saw with my own eyes!

Whatever on earth they did?

Attacks on peaceful African settlements,

With sticks that spit deadly fires!


Calling themselves superpowers,

‘Supermen’ saving Africa,

From blinding barbaric acts.

They only have;

A passionately nurtured,

Personal vendetta against,



The African labour;

Our brainwashed pools of masses.

Who will pay the debt,

That is owed by the so called,

Superpowers to Africa?

Brothers and Sisters,

How will we return,

To our normal seleves?

It’s all an answer,

I need;

To relieve of my pain,

Of the debts unpaid.

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