Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

International Trade, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law.

Down the street- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I was walking down the street;

I felt all good,

As happy as sand boys I was in mood.

I never guessed an angel I would meet!

In my heart I felt all good;

Because I had done my best,

The poor I had given my food.


I had provided them with love,

In my reign,

All had been given liberty,

Problems I had to solve,

In order to promote equality,

Only the Lord above,

Had known of the intensity.


The angel had greeted me;

“Good morning, Mr President?”

I said, “all is fine with me.”

“believe me,

I am a resident;

Of heaven the holy place,”

“Okay,” I replied,

“what can I do for you?”


Then as sudden as he had come;

Into thin air he disappeared.

I looked above the dome;

To see if he had reappeared.

Enough it was a lesson,

That liberty and equality must be promoted.


Sudden he came,

And suddenly he went;

Out of that I became,

An impressed humanitarian,

Make it a reason,

For each to be a humanitarian!

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