Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

International Trade, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law.

Ghetto Friday- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

T’was on a Friday,

I’ll recall that Mayday.

Walking down the street,

Young men; jolly I meet.

I ask em’, “where you up to?”

They say, “don’t you know?”

I ask, “what?”

They answer, “It is a Ghetto Friday!”


It then hits me as never before!

How had I fogortten?!

It was aday to be happy,

Welcoming the weekend.

Singing round the shanties we called home.

Drinking the obvious;

Indigenous African brew!


Not caring anymore,

Of the raw sewerage;

Flowing through the slums.

The stinking smell,

A waste from the rich!

We only use flying toilets,

Or go into the bushes;

How then does sewages occur in our ghetto?

Ghetto life so sweet,

How is it that we are always so happy?!!

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