I hope- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I hope I am right;

As I labour in the rain,

To speak in the light,

Righteousness is in vain,

The right is so tight,

When will I gain?

Because to the end I will fight,

And I hope I will gain.


I hope of May;

The month of the few.

To the Lord I will pray,

As I sit on the pew.

Human rights, I say,

Neglects not a few.

Bribes they pay,

In silence I view.


Why the temptation?

The rights to grind.

You cause humiliation,

As you wrong you find.

I gain inspiration,

As a new constitution you bind.

Is it modernization,

When we are behind?


I speak of fact;

Economic rape through corruption and degradation.

Hidden behind the act,

Is the selfish temptation.

Hope a vision I enact;

So as to curb humiliation,

I condemn the act,

So to prevent exaggeration.


Our mind they played;

Our hopes are so low.

I worked and toiled,

Our boat will I row?

The slaughter they ignored;

I will shout it now!

When all is finished,

We shall sow and bow!

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