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Lets get real about Kenyan Media Laws

In Law School, we are taught to be objective in our analysis of issues and this is my intention in this article. Despite my major life-changing interactions with the Kenyan Media industry throughout my current period in Law School; I am not going to start by saying that Kenyan Media needs to be “guaranteed more […]
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Kenya: Murder of Muslim Cleric in Mombasa Sparks Riots

Written By: Ephraim Percy Kenyanito Countries: Kenya. Topics: Development, Human Rights, Law, Religion, War & Conflict, Youth, Politics, Citizen Media This post also available in: Español · Kenia: Asesinato de sacerdote musulmán en Mombasa desencadenó disturbios 繁體中文 · 肯亞:穆斯林教士遇害引發蒙巴薩暴動 简体中文 · 肯尼亚:穆斯林教士遇害引发蒙巴萨暴动 The killing of Aboud Rogo, a controversial Muslim cleric, on August 27, 2012, […]
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