Press / Media Coverage

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  2. IAPP- May 8, 2018 African nations left with patchwork data protection framework
  3. Vanguard Apr 29, 2018 Forum calls for replication of Nigeria’s digital rights bill in other African countries
  4. The Nation- May 2, 2018 Buhari’s aide seeks end to fake news
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  6. ICIR- Apr 27, 2018 If Buhari signs Digital Rights Bill, he will set good example for Africa- Experts
  7. ITWebAfrica Apr 26, 2018 Nigeria’s Digital Rights Bill sets example for Africa say experts
  8. Daily Trust- Apr 26 2018 Experts urge African countries to emulate Nigeria on Digital Rights Bill
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  15. UNESCO- 14 Dec 2017 UNESCO consults on its draft Internet Universality Indicators at the North African and African Internet Governance Forum in Egypt
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  17. 31 Jul 2017 Digital Security & Internet and the Law Workshop in Nakuru
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  19. – 1 March 2017 MAG 2017 has been announced
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  31. Oct 2016 Internet shutdown could cost Ethiopia’s booming economy millions of dollars
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  38. February 15, 2016- Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, Google, others to host event
  39. Techcabal February 15, 2016- Paradigm Initiative Nigeria will host the 2016 Internet Freedom Forum, in Abuja
  40. PinNigeria February 15, 2016 #IFF2016: Google, AccessNow, Facebook, CIVICUS, Internews Partner With PIN To Host Internet Freedom Forum In Abuja, Nigeria
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