Lets get real about Kenyan Media Laws

In Law School, we are taught to be objective in our analysis of issues and this is my intention in this article. Despite my major life-changing interactions with the Kenyan Media industry throughout my current period in Law School; I am not going to start by saying that Kenyan Media needs to be “guaranteed more […]

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Down the street- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I was walking down the street; I felt all good, As happy as sand boys I was in mood. I never guessed an angel I would meet! In my heart I felt all good; Because I had done my best, The poor I had given my food.   I had provided them with love, In […]

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Life- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

What is there to be said? It’s just a landscape that a traveler; Must go through. So full of hills, countless deep valleys, Crocodile infested rivers, Must cross. Cliffs are there to be avoided, Sweet lavender scented flowers, Only for those who are best. Rocky mountains to be climbed. At the end of the landscape, […]

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