I hope- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I hope I am right;

As I labour in the rain,

To speak in the light,

Righteousness is in vain,

The right is so tight,

When will I gain?

Because to the end I will fight,

And I hope I will gain.


I hope of May;

The month of the few.

To the Lord I will pray,

As I sit on the pew.

Human rights, I say,

Neglects not a few.

Bribes they pay,

In silence I view.


Why the temptation?

The rights to grind.

You cause humiliation,

As you wrong you find.

I gain inspiration,

As a new constitution you bind.

Is it modernization,

When we are behind?


I speak of fact;

Economic rape through corruption and degradation.

Hidden behind the act,

Is the selfish temptation.

Hope a vision I enact;

So as to curb humiliation,

I condemn the act,

So to prevent exaggeration.


Our mind they played;

Our hopes are so low.

I worked and toiled,

Our boat will I row?

The slaughter they ignored;

I will shout it now!

When all is finished,

We shall sow and bow!

Falling- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

In one’s lifetime;

At one a time;

And even without rhyme,

Man climbs high;

With actions packed and nigh.

At the end one will sigh.


Adventures to be explored;

And the truth to be retold.

The brave to be commended,

And the witty to be recommended.

But one must once fall,

At times even into a hole!


You can fall from a ladder,

Cry foul of your bladder.

One can fall from above,

Even if it happens in a rove,

A fall can be caused by a dove,

But the best to fall is falling in love!

Debts unpaid- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I sit down;

Thoughts rain on me in torrents,

I swim in the river of memories,

Remembering what I was shown.

I saw with my own eyes!

Whatever on earth they did?

Attacks on peaceful African settlements,

With sticks that spit deadly fires!


Calling themselves superpowers,

‘Supermen’ saving Africa,

From blinding barbaric acts.

They only have;

A passionately nurtured,

Personal vendetta against,



The African labour;

Our brainwashed pools of masses.

Who will pay the debt,

That is owed by the so called,

Superpowers to Africa?

Brothers and Sisters,

How will we return,

To our normal seleves?

It’s all an answer,

I need;

To relieve of my pain,

Of the debts unpaid.

Ghetto Friday- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

T’was on a Friday,

I’ll recall that Mayday.

Walking down the street,

Young men; jolly I meet.

I ask em’, “where you up to?”

They say, “don’t you know?”

I ask, “what?”

They answer, “It is a Ghetto Friday!”


It then hits me as never before!

How had I fogortten?!

It was aday to be happy,

Welcoming the weekend.

Singing round the shanties we called home.

Drinking the obvious;

Indigenous African brew!


Not caring anymore,

Of the raw sewerage;

Flowing through the slums.

The stinking smell,

A waste from the rich!

We only use flying toilets,

Or go into the bushes;

How then does sewages occur in our ghetto?

Ghetto life so sweet,

How is it that we are always so happy?!!

Black Funeral song- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

All clad in black,

Others in forms of sack.

Tears rolling down the cheeks,

The ceremony then kicks.

A scream is heard,

Soldiers at guard.


Why kill our hero?

With nothing but zero!

You killed our son,

Using all in a gun.

Imprisoned him you did,

It’s all bad a deed.


Making a slave out of him,

And then brain-washing him.

Eroding our culture,

Like a wheel after a puncture.

We cry for dear Africa,

Neo-colonialism is a shocker!


This funeral is real,

No one is eating a meal.

Everyone is crying,

Others just screaming!


Why do this to us?

Who else wants to hurt us?

Our Africa is in a lot wrong,

It is all in the black funeral song.

Fate- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

Fate, ooh! Fate! Fate?

All your games I hate!

Because I think I’ve got a date,

With all I have in my soul mate.


This moment you bring me happiness,

The next you bring me happiness,

The next is ardently sadness,

Nothing but tormenting loneliness,

Next is undoubtedly goodness!


Ours intertwined destiny,

I admire despite the scrutiny,

You think I’m perceived tiny?

Discover when you stop being a ninny!


Fate, at here I bade;

The rule’s river I hope you wade,

With that you avoid the blade,

Please play fair until I fade!

Poet’s agony- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

Including the rhyme,

Conserving time.

The poet will write and write,

Only what is right.

Winning the game,

One is after fame.


Using as many,

Styles big and tiny.

It’s all agonizing,

Before compromising,

Burning the midnight oil,

Hot coffee one will boil.


Each has a dream,

Of being the cream,

Publishing a book,

By hook or nook.

Becoming famous,

Preventing the infamous.


Always dreaming,

Of nothing but winning,

As many as awards possible,

All while remaining reasonable.

Using big word in English,

All this in relish,

It’s all a poet’s agony,

Who’s without a penny!

Down the street- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

I was walking down the street;

I felt all good,

As happy as sand boys I was in mood.

I never guessed an angel I would meet!

In my heart I felt all good;

Because I had done my best,

The poor I had given my food.


I had provided them with love,

In my reign,

All had been given liberty,

Problems I had to solve,

In order to promote equality,

Only the Lord above,

Had known of the intensity.


The angel had greeted me;

“Good morning, Mr President?”

I said, “all is fine with me.”

“believe me,

I am a resident;

Of heaven the holy place,”

“Okay,” I replied,

“what can I do for you?”


Then as sudden as he had come;

Into thin air he disappeared.

I looked above the dome;

To see if he had reappeared.

Enough it was a lesson,

That liberty and equality must be promoted.


Sudden he came,

And suddenly he went;

Out of that I became,

An impressed humanitarian,

Make it a reason,

For each to be a humanitarian!

Life- by Ephraim P. Kenyanito

What is there to be said?

It’s just a landscape that a traveler;

Must go through.

So full of hills, countless deep valleys,

Crocodile infested rivers,

Must cross.

Cliffs are there to be avoided,

Sweet lavender scented flowers,

Only for those who are best.

Rocky mountains to be climbed.

At the end of the landscape,

There is a land of honey,

Milk and the best to get!